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Toolboxes II
Toolboxes II
Relief monoprint and graphite on paper
33" x 20"

Little Things Embedded in the Arch
A Tree Not Like a Building at First
And Always So
All For Me
And a Distant Cousin
Achievement Diaries
Craving The Mechanical Sound When Things Come Together
Collective Taste
From The Past and Now
Cast Iron
Can't Quite See It
Don't Worry About the Big Picture
Does the Air Really Smell Different?
Drive to the Botanist
Dense Coordinate
Effortless System
Finding it There
Gamblin Titanium White Relief Printing Ink
How Do You Get There,When Does It Click?
Hold Up I Need To Eat First
In Me and in a Bird Too
It's Hard To Explain But You’ll Get it When You Try
Let's Find Out Where Stonehenge Paper is Made
Look From Over Here
Love Disaster Love What Comes After
Me Raw Stuff
Many Many Actions
Making Sense
Maybe Read After Work
Missing Death by Mere Inches
PrismaColor 2H Graphite Pencil
Puzzle Piece
Sigh No I Have Not Heard of It
Seventeen Thousand Marks Made
Wow Its Really Old?